gym class

First a note about Piglet’s wardrobe:  it’s severely lacking.  She has short legs, so none of her 18M pants fit.  She has a big belly, so none of her 12M shirts fit.  She gets very dirty outside.  She has the ability to overfill a clean diaper in 30 minutes which means wet pants.  It’s still cold, and many of her 18M clothes are warm weather clothes.  So today, getting her dressed was a challenge.  Most of her clothes were dirty.  The ones that aren’t don’t fit well.   Back in the day when she was itty bitty we had TONS of clothing options: baby shower gifts, handmedowns galore.  But now I see why this size clothes doesn’t get handed down (toddlers are messy and rough).  So forgive her see-through white pants and too small shirt that reveals her belly when she leans back.  She’s still the cutest thing on two legs.


I looked into the backseat at a stoplight on the way to The Little Gym and saw this:


She found her knees, without the prompting question:  “Piglet, where are your knees?”  Just sitting in the car, pants pulled up, pointing to her knees…also notice how cool her socks are…cool like daddy before mommy saved him in college and bought him ankle socks.

And now some fun shots of gym class…it’s hard to take pictures since I’m usually spotting her…she’s a daredevil. 

After a forward roll:


Climbing is her FAVORITE!


Without a spotter, she’s about to fall to the right:



2 Responses

  1. ha ha! don’t you remember how sera dressed at that age? nothing ever matched, everything was always to small, too big, faded, had a few holes, or stained. doesn’t matter, they are still ADORABLE!

  2. micah does the knee thing ALL the time. that is so funny. i turn around all the time to see the same picture that you have of piglet. so funny!

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