Frugal Friday Night

We have always been super frugal, probably because we have never had two full-time jobs, nor one full-time job that rakes in the big bucks.  I hear the news stories about people really cutting back on their spending with the economy the way it is now, but we don’t have much to cut back.  Our big weekness, however, is eating out.  Finding the time and energy to make a menu, go grocery shopping, cook dinner, and clean up is near impossible these days.  But we have been EXTRA bad lately, so tonight all three of us sat down to dinner at home for $.75 (the same dinner, which is rare with a toddler).

  • Whole Foods Frozen Pizza – Free with coupon
  • Whole Foods Organic Frozen Fries – Free with coupon
  • Frozen Brocoli (1/2 bag left over from previous dinner) – $.75
  • Water to drink – Free
  • White Wine Night Cap – Free – my dad randomly leaves wine in our wine cabinet, not sure where he gets it, but you don’t ask questions when you’re getting free wine.
  • And no Friday Night is complete without entertainment (also free):



Maybe this extra cheap meal will help balance out the 4 meals we’ve had out this week. um…no, we still have a long way to go.


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