MedSchoolMonday: breasts, money, and butts

Tomorrow we learn to examine breasts.  How’s that for an opening line. 


 We’re taking a class called physical diagnosis which is exactly what it sounds like.  We have lectures on various topics that include a physician showing us how to do things on an actor/patient.  So tomorrow we’ll have 160 first year medical students and an actor having her breasts examined in front of us all.  They must pay pretty darn well. 


Speaking of pay, I recently had a medical procedure done, preauthorized with insurance and all.  I even knew that we would have to pay $500 after what insurance would cover.  Shortly thereafter we received a bill from the physician’s office for $2500.  Imagine my excitement.  Obviously, the claim had been turned down by the insurance company.  Hence the reason for two statements about the evil of insurance companies in last week’s post.  But I apologize to the insurance industry and take back one of the statements, but I’m not taking back the other.  It turns out when the doctor’s office filed the claim, they put Dorothy’s name and my birthday.  Job well done.  But we did have to pay an unexpected $200 for me to be put in the best 20 minutes of sleep I’ve ever had.  Actually, I think that was worth every penny.  We even got a $560 discount on that 20 minutes of sleep: $360 off for being “in-network”, and $200 off because of an endoscopy center discount.  Lucky me.  I consider Dorothy and myself fairly intelligent people, but for some reason medical bills are hard as hell to figure out, and you have to read and check up on everything in them since you can’t trust anyone.  The next few years it will be interesting to see what happens to our phenomenal system, and, yes, everyone’s on edge.


Lastly, parking sucks in Charleston.  I park out in the dirt lot and ride a bus to and from class, which wastes a nice 30-45 minutes a day.  On the way home the other day there was a spot open between two ladies on the bus.  Let’s just say there wasn’t much of a seat left, but it was the last one.  So I turned around and said, “Let’s see if my butt will fit between y’all.”  One of the ladies laughed, the other ignored me.  Was this an inappropriate comment?  I really spent the ride home trying to figure this out.  And how did they know if my comment was a statement about my butt or theirs?  These are the deep philosophical questions that medical students think about.  Your input is appreciated.           


4 Responses

  1. We just got an almost $300 bill from Jeff’s hospital stay from over a year ago after the hospital sent us a refund for overpayment in August….it’s not just the insurance companies….the original bill would have been over $23,000 for that overnight stay and appendectomy…..I’m liking the insurance company more than the hospital.

  2. i double and triple check all insurance claims/medical bills. i even call our insurance company at least once a month due to an error on their/medical staff part. it’s ridiculous. we have had that happen several times, where they put my birthday with Patrick’s name. one time they listed me as a male. seriously? it can’t be that hard to get these things right. what are we paying them for? i just had some lab work done today that costs $5000 so i called the insurance company first to see if they cover it. they said they cover it at 100%. i still didn’t trust them i had them check 3 times and told them if i get billed $1 they where gonna get more than an ear full. they are the spawn of satan.

    hope you have fun watching some chick get felt up! 😉

  3. Russ,
    You are so charming that those ladies probably never thought you were talking about the size of their butts! You have a crazy gift of being able to make inappropriate things sound wonderful … smooth talker, Russ Blackwelder 🙂

  4. Kathryn – you’re right, and I think I have just realized that this only happens with older ladies. When I first read your comment, I thought it was crazy because he usually pisses people off with the tone of voice he uses (like trying to talk to customer service reps) – he can be really insulting without trying to be. BUT he does have an interesting effect on old ladies, always has.

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