the best medicine

I think Piglet feels bad about the way she acted on Sunday.  She has been extra good since then, even that afternoon she was a joy to be around, making us all laugh at her silliness.  She’s been super cuddly and loving.  She’ll play by herself for a few minutes, then come to me and say, “uk” aka “up”, give me a giant bear hug, linger for a little bit so I can breathe in all her baby goodness and melt my heart, then she gets down to play again.  repeat.

Today, I came home early from the office since I had to work tonight, and this is how she was all afternoon, making it really hard to go back out.  I just can’t get enough time with her these past few days.  I’ve been a stress ball this week:  trying to prepare a sermon, covering the office since the secretary and head of staff have been out, and doing all my regular job duties.  But when I come home and get my Piglet hug, I just relax.  She knows just what I need.


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