disclaimers abound

The life of a wife of a medical school student feels like the life of a single mom of two kids at times.*  Russ has had class the past three nights, so it’s been particularly bad this week. 

I have to work full-time to be the only financial supporter of my family.  My kid is in day care way more than I want her to be.  And I am responsible for 98.5% of the cleaning, shopping, cooking, bill paying, and laundry.

I get up with Piglet every morning at 6:30, change her, get her first breakfast, and play until we can wake up daddy.  (And that’s just on the days when Russ doesn’t go in early – some days we don’t even see daddy).  I take Piglet to school.  I make sure she is weather appropriately dressed and that she has all of her supplies for school.  I pick her up, bring her home, play, get her dinner, bathe her, put her to bed.  And the bedtime routine is exhausting.  Bath – zantac – fill and turn on humidifyer – brush teeth – dry hair – lotion – lotion – aquaphor – cortizone (she has bad excema, so we have to diligently moisturize her skin) – diaper – chase her around the room – tackle – pjs – get George and Elmo – books – lights out – songs – kiss – love you – bed.   And there are nights like Tuesday when she pees on the floor before I can get her diaper on, so then I have to clean her up again and then clean up the pee.

The plus side is that Russ is like a responsible teenage child.**  He drives himself to school and packs his lunch most of the time (except when he sneakily buys it).  He helps out with the baby when he can – it is nice that he feeds her breakfast most mornings while I shower and does the bedtime routine a lot.  But I still do his laundry and am ultimately responsible for his food and shelter.

BUT Spring Break started today – I am SO excited about 10 whole days of co-parenting with two working parents.  His “job”: taxes and finishing the playroom.  And it’s not like Christmas break when we had to travel a lot.  It’s just us, here.  Like a semi-normal family of three, if there is such a thing.

*I in no way mean to trivialize the life of an actual single working mom.  The mere taste of it that I get is sometimes more than I can handle.  I can’t imagine having to do that 24/7/365 with no end in sight.  And I even have my mom who is a tremendous help.  There are so many women who don’t even have that – who really have to do it all on their own.  And many have more than one kid – I don’t know how they do it.

**I in no way mean to trivialize what Russ is doing right now.  He does work really hard.  Medical school is really hard…it should be.  I understand why he isn’t able to help out more or be around more, but it’s hard  for me….and this is my blog – so I needed to wallow a bit, ok?


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  1. wallow all you want. it sounds like you do as much as me and i don’t have a full time job! i don’t know how you do it. piglet is a very lucky little girl! you’re doing a great job! and just think, in july you can sit back, relax, share some great times with good friends, and let those good friends play with and watch that adorable little girl while you and russ get some much needed and deserved rest and relaxation!

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