sweet time

I spent Monday and the first part of Tuesday of this week at a conference in Columbia:  The Future of Christian Education with Brian Blount and Rodger Nishioka.  I have been looking forward to it for a while.  I was excited about the topic and the presenters.  It’s short enough that I can leave Piglet without feeling extremely guilty and sad.  And it was scheduled at a time when I really needed to get away.

While it wasn’t a vacation, it was just what I needed.  On the 1.5 hour drive there, I realized, I’m in the car and no one is crying in the back seat.  And this was just a taste of things to come.  I got there, found my seat and just sat there, and I realized that this is the first time that I am going somewhere where I am only responsible for myself.  Not Piglet, Not Russ, Not Youth, Not Church Members – just me.  I didn’t have to plan anything, be in charge of anything, set up anything, cook anything, clean up anything, yell at anyone, take anyone’s cell phone (though I wanted to -what is so hard about putting your phone on vibrate during a meeting?!), heck, I didn’t have to even talk to anyone if I didn’t want to.  It was just what my introverted self needed.

Then I went to lunch during the break.  Just me and my laptop at Atlanta Bread Company for almost two hours.  *sigh*

After our second session and dinner, I got to go back to the hotel room and just sit.  No one to bathe. No one to get ready for bed.  Nothing to clean up.   I took some Tylenol PM, put in my ear plugs, and PASSED OUT.  I actually slept until 7:30 – which hasn’t happened in at least two years.  So nice. 

I casually got up and showered, taking my time, packed the car and headed back for the final session.  The conference itself was great – very thought provoking and challenging.  My mind is churning over all of the implications for ministry and life.  But I think I enjoyed more the chance to escape life for 30 hours, just enough time to be away to renew, relax, and re-appreciate my life.

I got home and Russ said, “I’m exhausted – you’re not allowed to die or ever go away again. ever.”  It’s nice to be appreciated.  


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  1. I’m glad you got to escape for a little while. It’s good for Daddies to have it all on their own for a little while…even though sometimes the hair isn’t quite right on Sunday mornings;-)

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