I have gotten three days worth of posts out of Tuesday – it was a good day.

When I got home from my conference on Tuesday, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, so we decided to try out a playground that I had heard people talking about since the one in our neighborhood is pretty awful.   I’m so glad we went because it was the COOLEST PLAYGROUND EVER!  Really, I wish there was one like this back in my day.  So much to do, lots of places for the imagination to go wild and little feet to wear little bodies out.  There was even a special section just for little ones under five.  Of course, Piglet much preferred the big kid slides – she’s a daredevil.



notice her new kicks – they make her feet look HUGE.



Taking it easy after some seriously hard playing


I would also like to say that as a mom of a 17 month-old, I am a big fan of Springing Forward!  She is now sleeping almost 12 hours every night (knock on wood).  We tried keeping her up until 8:00 thinking we could keep her on her old time, but she kept getting so sleepy earlier and earlier.  So now, she’s going to bed at her old bedtime, playing around until 7:15ish, and sleeping until 7:15ish am….awesome!

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