the joy of home ownership

Tonight, for the second time in my adult life, I thought I had peed on myself.  The first was the day Piglet was born when my water broke at 2:00 am when I was dead asleep and all of a sudden the bed was wet.  Tonight, I was picking up books in Piglet’s room when I noticed a small wet spot where I had just been standing.  I thought…hmm….weird, but kept going about my cleaning.*  Two minutes later, I had gone into the office to do something, and when I stepped back into the hardwooded hallway, I notice that I was standing in a wet spot.  But I looked around and saw no other water.  I looked back into the office and there were two large wet spots on the carpet where I had just been standing that weren’t there when I first went into the office.

ok…a little more than weird.  I seriously did check my pants – all dry.  Then I went and told Russ that something was wrong with me, something’s leaking.  He went into to check it out, and noticed that wherever he stepped became a wet spot.  Then my heart sank – I remember the hot water heater making a weird noise when I was in there 5 minutes earlier.  So he went to check – first having to move a card table with all of his med school stuff, two piles of books with 10 books each, and a bookcase before being able to get to the door to the closet that contained the hot water heater.  Yes, poor planning on our part with the room set up.

So’nuf – hot water heater is leaking.  So he’s looks into that while I try to get Piglet ready for bed.  She of course senses our panic modes and decides that she is not going to easily go to bed like she has every night since the day she was born.  She was going to stall the going to bed process by 15 minutes by guilting us into reading more books and saying more goodnights because she kept crying.  Then we finally just lay her down, and she screams for 25 minutes.

We then realize that we kind of need to do something about the flooded room ASAP before we start to get mildew and rotted wood.  So we think that we need to call one of those disaster places that get water out of your house in situations like this.  Then we think that those people have to be really noisey with all of their equipment, and we have an already unhappy toddler screaming in her crib.

So – I call Pops and Grammy and see if she can spend the night with them.  And off I drive. fast – seriously getting to their house in 20 minutes rather than the usual 30.  Got Piglet in bed asleep, unpacked her stuff from our car…FORGOT HER SHOES….ug.  But off I drive home again to try to help Russ with the mess.

I come home and Russ has discovered that the disaster people would love to come to our house to save us, for a mere $1000.  um…no thanks.   I walk into the room to find that the half of the room that was wet was now void of furniture and carpet and that the water now resided in the shop vac.  Dude, that man works fast.  We were planning on recarpeting that room anyway, it was the only room we didn’t recarpet when we first moved in (mainly because we were lazy at the time and didn’t feel like moving everything that was in there – it was the room for “everything we have yet to unpack” aka the LOTS OF CRAP room. 

So now our laziness is paying off.  If  we had recarpeted that room, we would have had to do it again anyway.  So woo-hoo, saving money.  Of course, saving money looks a lot like having to buy a new water heater and install carpet right now.

*In case you were wondering, I never did find a source of that first spot…but being that it was in Piglet’s room, there are many possibilities.


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