this is what happens when I don’t blog for four days

Forgive me readers, it has been four days since my last blog – AND – we missed a medschoolmonday.  so sad.

Well, we have a fancy new hot water heater and expansion tank, which is aparently code now and an extra $40.  great.   The plumbers came on Monday.  In order to save money, we bought our own hot water heater on Sunday night.  But Russ forgot the drain pan and the expansion tank, so I had to go to Home Depot in the POURING RAIN on my way home to wait for the plumbers and pretend like I knew what I was actually looking for.  Then I sat on the couch and waited and waited and waited.   They finally showed up an hour late.  Why does that always happen?   I took time off of work to come home and wait and wait and wait. 

We also have a half-carpeted room waiting for us to go pick out new carpet and actually move all of the crap that sits on the half-carpeted section…it so much stuff, and I really don’t know where it’s going to go.  

But it is a good thing that we had to buy a new hot water heater and carpet.   Otherwise, we might have a dog.  What, you don’t follow that logic?  We went to the SPCA on Sunday with the youth group to volunteer.  There was one sweet little white and brown puppy – we fell in love (even my heartless husband) and we knew that Pigle would be in love.  But we were recently reminded very strongly that we couldn’t afford a pet.  So we left empty-handed.  It was the right thing.


We bought Piglet a potty last week just to slowly introduce it to her.  But in the last few days, she has said, “poopoo” before she poo-pooed every time.  Next time I think we may try the potty.  geesh.  it’s too early…she’s too little.  STOP GROWING UP.  But really, no diapers would be groovey.  Those suckers are expensive.


In other good Piglet news, it has been 7 days since her last bite.  I am pretty stoked, because I was starting to panic at the thought of her getting kicked out of her school and how could we find a new place that we could afford without the church staff discount.   Her teachers have really stepped up and started to watch her more closely and stop her before she bites, and now she is even making fewer attempts.  Hooray.  But I’m still praying that this is the end.  No one wants to be the parent of the biter in the class.


Also, I’m an big fat complainer.  As I was typing this post, I turned to a DHC program called “Deaf and Blind Triplets”.  OMG.  That is one amazing mother.  I just can’t imagine.  If your babies couldn’t see your face or hear your voice.  or anything else.   I’m sobbing now.   I need to stop writing.  Good night.


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