just in case

Two Wednesdays ago, Russ called a “budget summit”, making us examine our budget and see where we could cut back so we could save some more money – just in case.  We are already pretty bare bones, but we raked over that sucker with a fine-toothed comb and squeezed out a few more pennies that we could save each month.

Then that Saturday, our hot water heater broke:

  • $249.11 for a new hot water heater
  • $48.51 for expansion tank and drip pan
  • $153.50 for installation

The leaking hot water tank flooded our carpeted office:

  • So far only $35 for the measurement/estimate
  • Probably close to $400 for carpet, pad, and installation

Then we had to take the car in to get the door fixed.  It’s been getting harder and harder to close – I have to give it a good heave-ho everytime, and it usually takes three tries.  So we decided to fix it rather than risk getting to the day when it wouldn’t close at all, or fall off completely.

  • $125 car door repair

Then Piglet got sick (or really sickER – she’s had a cold/cough for 6 weeks).  Thursday night, she hardly slept because she was coughing so much.  Then Friday, we got a call from the school because her coughing led her to throw up a few times.  We called the pediatrician and they told us to come in.   After waiting over an hour the doctor comes in a tells us that she probably has a sinus infection and prescribes an antibiotic.

  • $25 copay for visit
  • $10 copay for prescription

Then this morning, Piglet was sitting in my lap when I noticed that there was dried blood in her ear.  At first, I didn’t think anything of it because she has a tendancy to scratch herself with her claws.  But when I looked closer, I didn’t see any scratches – the blood was coming from inside her ear.  I told Russ, and he gets out his $500 otoscope that he had to buy for school to look in her ear.  It actually is handy having a med student husband sometimes.  Anyway – the verdict – busted ear drum.  Yesterday when the doctor was examining her ears, she had to scrape out some ear wax to get a good view – Piglet screamed a lot, but I just thought she was cranky from having waited over an hour then getting poked and proded – I know I was cranky.   But between the scraper and the scope, the doctor punctured her little ear drum.  So we call the on call nurse, who actually trusts Russ’ diagnosis and prescribes ear drops until we can get an appointment on Monday.

  • $35 copay for prescription
  • They may try to charge us $25 on Monday, but I’m going to fight that since they are the reason we are having to go back in.

So I guess it’s good that we decided to cut back because last week was one of those “just in case” weeks.  Too bad we had only saved $20 since our budget submit.  Hmmm….


2 Responses

  1. Oh no! It wasn’t Drew that did it was it?

  2. no – we are insisting that we see him tomorrow when we go in. He’s definitely the best one in the practice. but that may just be because we have connections.

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