toddler or teenager

I took yesterday off since I worked all weekend.  Piglet and I had a nice meeting of the “mutual admiration society”  all day long – there were times when she would just look at me, laugh, and come give me a hug.  And there were times when I would just look at her and be forced to smile.  It’s been a while since we’ve had so much one-on-one time – which is strange because that’s what it used to be all the time.  Anyway, I’m still amazed at how much she changes, learns, and grows everyday.  Yesterday, there were many moments when I wondered if she were even still a toddler or if she was a teenager.

Yesterday morning, Piglet kept closing her bedroom door.  Usually when she realizes that she can’t get out, she cries.  So I kept opening it to prevent the melt down.  But everytime I would open it, she would close it again, and I would hear her playing by herself – no more meltdowns.  On the fourth time that she closed it, she actually locked it.  Teenager.

I changed 502 diapers.  Toddler.

Whenever I would ask her something, she would shrug her shoulders and throw up her hands.  Teenager.

When she woke up too early from her nap, I rocked her back to sleep and kept rocking for another 45 minutes, realizing how sweet it is to rock a sleeping baby.  Toddler.

She ate all of her meals by herself.  with utencils.  and didn’t get any on her clothes.  But she did get it on her face and arms (but I do that, too)  Teenager?


We went outside and she got her clothes covered in mud.  And stuck her hand in a fire ant pile.  Toddler.

She’s got great style.  Teenager.



2 Responses

  1. It had been a week since your last blog…I missed it.
    Please don’t let her become a teenager already!! I assume you have a key to her door?

  2. this is a nice post!

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