being 17 months old

I wanted to write down some fun things about being 17/18 months old to make sure I don’t forget:

She applauds whenever I finish doing a task that she doesn’t like – eye drops, ear drops, snot sucking – I can’t decide if she is clapping for me “good job mama” or because the horrible task is over.  But it’s really cute.

She is getting really good at identifying animals by sight and sound.   My favorite thing is when she sees a goose (which there are thousands of in our neighborhood), she yells “GOOOOOOSE” – sounds like an Adam Sandler character.

We have been trying our best to talk to her about not biting since that’s what they keep telling us to do at the school.   Maybe it’s working, she’s only bitten once this week.  And that was a big girl who smothers her – so maybe it was self defense.  Anyway – yesterday, she was rocking in her little chair repeating the phrase “no bite, no bite” – Rainman style.

She has very strange eating habits.  She eats bananas like you would eat corn on the cob.  She squishes peas and blueberries before she eats them.   She tries to dip her fingers in ketchup and lick them.  She takes the first bite of a piece of bread or sandwhich from the center.

She’s starting to put words together and learn posession.  “more please” “up please”  “mammy car”.  Often she identifies an object not by it’s own name, but by who it belongs to, like our shoes, my sunglasses, or the laptop – which is aparently Russ’.   A few weeks ago when she was staying with Grammy/Mammy, she saw a woman carrying a bag like mine – she started running after her, yelling “mama, mama” – pointing to the bag, not the woman.

She’s learning bigger words…my favorites are butterfly, umbrella, and medicine.

She is also a genuis.  I don’t realize how much she is picking up.  She has lots of books that just have pictures and words identifying them (as apposed to story books).  We always go through pointing at the pictures and saying the words.  The other day, I started asking her where things were on the page rather than telling her.  I knew she would find the words we use a lot (apart from reading the book), like cat and dog and spoon…but she knew them all.  Elephant, bowl, pants, tiger, lizard, egg, carrot, airplane…all of them – I was in shock as she pointed away.

And she is her mother’s daughter – she loves to clean.  She will stand and point to spots on the floor until I give her a paper towel to wipe them up.  And just now, she ran through the living room with a dirty tissue in her hand yelling “trash, trash” heading for the pantry where the trashcan lives.

And a few pictures that didn’t warrant their own post but are super cute…


With Pops on a Sunday afternoon – looking at a photo album and calling out people’s names, mostly identifying all of the “babies” – I don’t think she realizes that it’s her.


On the way to the retreat, she thought it was HILARIOUS to put things on her head…I’m glad she is easily amused and can entertain herself…makes long car trips barable.


Last night at 5:45.  She fell asleep on the mile-long trip to the grocery store with Russ…he tried to wake her up, but no luck.  He got her out of the car seat, did his exam shopping (Dr. Pepper, Cereal, Chips, and Salsa), got her back into the car, drove home, got her out of the car, gave her to me, I finished cooking dinner, lay her on the floor while we ate, and she never woke up – SO TIRED….she finally woke up at 6:30, shoveled in some food and went right back to bed and slept until 6:00am…I couldn’t believe it. 

I like 17 months old.  It’s really fun. and funny.


2 Responses

  1. Kathryn and I cannot wait to play with her next week. And see all of y’all, of course…

    (oh, and exams are no excuse for Russ to skip out on his weekly Med School Monday commitment!)

  2. she’s ready to see you, too. she has perfected saying “josh” – still working on “kathryn” – we haven’t even tried for aunt and uncle yet…one step at a time.

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