Flowertown Festival 2009

We decided to go to the annual festival early this morning, hoping to beat the crowds a bit since the bridge run would keep some folks away.   It was a good plan, there were crowds as far as the eye could see when we left.   Hard to navigate a stroller here:


It was fun though.  We saw some bagpipers, so Russ was really excited.    We wandered amidst the many artisan and fundraising booths.  Piglet got a balloon that kept her entertained for the two hours we were there.  We got a free lunch at 10:45 am with some congregational connections at the Kiwanis both.  Then we bought a $5 funnel cake with the money we saved.  But the highlight of the morning was our encounter with the giant McAlister’s Sweet Tea: our favorite faimly beverage.  Piglet’s first sweet tea was through one of those red straws, and now she always asks for her own.  And Russ will go up there just to get a galloon of tea – which he did this week, using exams as an excuse.  And I must say it is my weakness on a Sunday afternoon – have to have that sweet tea to keep me going between church and youth group.  So it was only fitting that we be that crazy family posing in front of the giant inflatable cup of sweet tea.


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