MedSchoolMonday: Idiots

I didn’t post last week for a reason.  It was exam #2 week.  I’ve learned that it’s generally not a good idea to communicate with anyone in the outside world during test week unless it’s absolutely necessary.  All of the PT, OT, DMD, Nursing, etc students hate med students because of test week, when we take over all of the study rooms and library and, with our actions, declare we have it so much worse than anyone else.  Not sure whether that’s true or not.  But test week is over.  My six hour multiple choice test on Friday was a blast.  I’m waiting for the call from the administration saying, “We’re sorry.  We made a mistake; you’re not good enough to be here.” 

Even though I’m sure my test score won’t show it, I’m now an expert in the lungs and the kidneys.  When it comes to the physiology and histology of breathing and peeing, I’ve got it down.  At least I did until we went out after my test and that margarita at La Caretta worked its magic.  Another class, Neuroscience is the most dreadful thing ever.  Of course, I checked out after the first week when we learned that the reason teenagers are stupid is because their prefrontal lobe isn’t yet fully developed.  This means they lack consequential thinking and are idiots.  This answered for me one of those questions you want to ask God when you reach the pearly gates.  It was worth the price of medical school.  So that time you got caught partying when your parents were supposed to be out of town, or that time you got caught skipping school that your folks still bring up…well, just tell them you couldn’t help it.  Nature made you an idiot. 

Speaking of idiots, as we were walking around at the Flowertown Festival this weekend, dodging the stroller past people who are grossly, disgustingly obese(many of whom were smoking), I decided cardiology might be a good field to go into if I can stay in South Carolina.  Someone I know in the banking industry has a client who is a Cardiologist.  Financially speaking, the past three months have been this cardiologist’s best in his career because of all of the stresses of the times.  Add to that South Carolina’s glowing rates of essentially everything bad, and doctors will certainly never run out of patients in the Palmetto State.  Meanwhile our politicians only want to talk about vouchers for a select few to attend private school and nothing else happens to improve our overall education level which could eventually solve a lot of our problems.  For instance, the convenience store clerk and customer I overheard complaining about the cost of cigarettes since the tax has increased.  They just “didn’t know what they were going to do.”  Hey idiots, if you don’t like the cost, don’t pay for it.  And don’t expect the rest of us to pay for your healthcare when your glowing health choices finally catch up with you.  I just thought of a research project: determine the prefrontal lobe activity in the brains of some of our fellow South Carolinians.  Maybe it never does develop in some folks.  Let’s start by testing some of our politicians.    


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  1. FINALLY! I have been waiting for some Med School Monday.

    Your best post yet…

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