we love our grammy

Sunday Night Conversation:

Russ:  You know what?  You’re going to get to spend the whole week with someone special whose name we cannot mention*.  Do you know who that is?

Piglet:  Mammy

Dude – nothing gets passed that kid.

Monday Morning Conversation:

Russ:  Come look out the window.  Look who’s here.

Piglet:   (upon seeing “mammy car”) MAAAAMMMMMYYYY

Grammy walks in the front door and Piglet commences screaming and running around the house out of pure glee – she just couldn’t keep the joy in.  So happy that Grammy was here.  

This Morning:

Grammy and Piglet were up early this morning and playing in the living room.  When Russ walked in, Piglet yelled “no, no, no” and ran toward Grammy, as if Grammy would have to leave once daddy was up.

I think the kid may go through withdrawl next week when it’s back to our regular school routine.

October 14, 2007:

Piglet, meet Grammy – she loves you like no one else, already.  She will get up with you early in the morning so mommy can sleep.  She will sing you songs.  She will make you laugh.  a lot.  She will read you books.  She will teach you alot, like the letters A and B.  She will buy you cute clothes and fun toys.  (She nearly single-handedly outfited your room already).   But most of all, she will spoil you with love.  And you will return the favor.


Grammy:  Shhh…it’s ok, Grammy’s here.



*We decided a few months ago that the name Grammy was like Voldemort in Harry Potter, the one who could not be named.  Because once Piglet heard that name, she would cry and ask for her repeatedly.  She LOVES her Grammy!


3 Responses

  1. You did it again…made me cry….

  2. amen to that. nana and jenny are cuss words around our house unless they are less than 2 minutes from our door.

  3. so sweet

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