God’s TV

phone rings

Me:  Yes ma’am

Secretary:  There’s woman on the phone who wants to talk to you about some movie.

Me:  um, ok….uggggg.  I hate sales calls.

call trasferred

Me:  Hello?

Lady: (practically yelling)  Praise the Lord!

pause – perhaps she was waiting for me to echo her praise, idk.

Me:  Hello?

Lady:  (still kind of yelling) I’m calling to talk to you about a movie called The Cross.   Have you seen it or heard of it?

Me:  No


Lady:  (in utter disbelief) What, you don’t watch TBN?!

Me:  No.

Lady:  That’s God’s television station!

Me:  umm…Ok.

Lady:  Anyway….this movie yada yada yada (I tuned out for a few minutes).  We are trying to get this movie shown in your town, and are asking churches to call the local theatre to request it.  If enough people call they might show it.  It’s really good, and people especially need to see it now.  They did show The Passion there a few years ago, so I think they would consider it.

Me:  I’ll have to look more into before I can call and make a recommendation.

Lady:  The number is yada yada yada (again, tuning out).

Me:  Ok, thanks. Bye.

Lady:  (yelling again) Praise the Lord!

Now, I may sound like a snarky liberal Christian here, but these kinds of phone calls and these kinds of people drive me CRAZY.  I really tuned out after she said that TBN was God’s television station.  First of all, I’m pretty sure that God doesn’t have a TV.  Nor does God support a television station:  like on PBS “this show was brought to you by God, and the letter X and the number 7”.  Also, I think God would probably rather we spent our time participating in the Missio Dei rather than on our couches watching TV in the first place.  But what do I know?

But this is also funny because last night on The Colbert Report, he discussed how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is paying television stations to put social justice type themes into their programming – like viewers would get inspired to be socially conscious  after Carter goes to Africa on ER.  Maybe it would work.  If it’s cool and trendy, then more people would want to help out their neighbors in need.  Wouldn’t that then be God’s TV?  

I guess as Christians, we do have to adapt to the current technology and the world in order to do ministry in a relevant way.   Churches are all over Facebook now (perhaps it’s God’s social networking site).  I hear phrases like “What Would Jesus Twitter” and “Twitter of faith”.  We have an e-mail prayer chain.  I’m not saying any of these things is bad – but I do wonder if we are trying too hard to be trendy and cool and relevant and the real message gets watered down somewhere in the process.  How do we find the balance?


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