stopping to smell the flowers

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, so we went downtown to walk the battery.  It was so much fun.  We ended up walking around for 2.5 hours.   Piglet talked to all of the dogs we passed.  Russ tried to block her from seeing the wedding party taking pictures at one of the parks, so she wouldn’t get any ideas.   We pointed out all of the boats (even saw a cruise ship and an air craft carrier), birds, cats, flowers, horses, planes, and water.  And we definitely had to take breaks to:

try to touch the water (this was a little scary – she tried to climb through the railing),


chase birds,


chill on the big swing with the wind in our hair,


and play in the fountain.


We watched this video called “Brain Rules” a few weeks ago, which is a supplement to a book about how the brain works – it sounds the opposite of entertaining, but it was used at a recent conference I attended focusing on its implications for Christian Education, it was actually quite fascinating.  In one of the segments, the author tells a story about trying to get his toddler son to preschool when he kept stopping to look at bugs and flowers.   And he said, “We need to hurry up and get to school…so you can learn something…”   Then he realized his son was probably learning more by exploring the world around him than he would in a classroom.

We all had fun today learning and exploring – it’s amazing how much more you notice the little things around you when there is a curious little person that you want to show the world to.


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