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Today will not go down as one of my better parenting days.   It was a rough day with lots of work to do.  This morning, Russ was preaching at a nearby church, so I had Piglet by myself on a Sunday morning – obviously not a good combination.   My struggle to find a balance in life as a mom and minister was intensified.  She is into EVERYTHING.  I thought I was being so smart, bringing a bag of her favorite toys to the office so she could play while I got things ready.   This lasted about 5 minutes before she started pulling stuff off my bookshelves, opening drawers and cabinets, trying to push buttons on the computer and keyboard, and pulling the box of pencils off the shelf.  I didn’t care because she was not fussing or keeping me from working.  Granted I have some cleaning up to do tomorrow morning, but I think it was worth it.

The best part was after church as I was trying to have a brief rehearsal for tonight’s communion dinner.  I set her up with her bag of toys, and next thing I know, one of the guys is running through the door to the stairwell – she was halfway up.  How did I not notice that she left?!  So we got her back in, closed the door, and I kept going…until she started climbing on chairs (her new favorite activity).  Thank goodness someone took her to the playground – it was impossible to multi-task with her with her risking her life to get as high as possible.  She needs constant watching these days.

Later this evening, the nursery volunteer from this morning said, “Piglet sure does like to climb…every time I turned around she was on top of a table.”  That’s our girl.  She’s a climber.  We’re taking bets on how long it will be before she breaks something.


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