Ready to flow

Youth ministry is one of those jobs that ebbs and flows.  Right now, we are in a place where it’s very difficult because the youth have 1000 reasons why they can’t come to stuff when I put in a lot of time preparing.  This obvisouly is very frustrating and makes me have moments where I just want to give up.

But then, this week, I was cleaning off the 1000 piles of stuff on my desk when I found an activity we did back in the fall about worship before we planned our annual Outdoor Worship Service, to which the whole congregation is invited.  This particular little pile gave me hope again.

During the night’s discussion, we played a word association game.  “Give me the first word that pops into your heard when I say______”   After a few practice rounds, they all got out a notecard and wrote down the first word that came to mind when I said “worship”:













And then they each wrote down their answer to “What is the purpose of worship?”

  • to praise God in his house
  • focusing primarily on God
  • praising and praying to God
  • we pray to god, most likely at a church
  • praising God through music, prayer, and learning about Him
  • using all 5 senses to glorify and praise God through singing, dancing, praying, meditating.
  • praising God through music, prayer in thanks of what he has given to us.
  • Worship – being as crazy as you are comfortable with to show your devotion to a deity.
  • glorifying God in one place through various means.
  • v. praising, praying, and glorifying God/Jesus
  • where you go to learn about God!
  • praising God – wherever in any way.

I’m glad that I’m a bit of a pack rat and had saved their notecards, and that this was the week I decided to clean off my desk – because this week, more than ever, I needed to remember what they are capable of – true insight, deep thoughts, teaching me about faith, teaching each other about faith, inspiring each other and others in the congregation.


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