that’s going to hurt when she wakes up

So Piglet has some crazy pre-sleep habits, like the show she puts on.   Lately, when she is tired of being tired and not being able to sleep, she wines and throws all of her stuffed friends out of the crib one by one.  I wish I could relate the determination and and attitude with which she tosses them overboard – it’s quite amusing to watch on the monitor.  I say again, who needs tv with entertainment like this?!

But what’s also very amusing is the positions that she finally falls asleep in.  You would think that will all of the tossing and turning, she would find the most comfortable position.  Instead, I think she just wears herself out until she simply passes out and cannot move one more muscle.   So this is what we find once the movement on the monitor stops:


One Response

  1. She moved after I left!

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