a tale of two cats

I can’t remember a time in my childhood when we didn’t have a cat or dog or hamsters or a rabbit – or all of the above.  And Piglet LOVES animals.  So I really wish we could get a pet.  But neither our bank accounts nor our schedules are condusive to pets.  But I think we may have pets forced upon us.

On Thursday afternoon, we noticed a little grey cat sitting near our shed.  It looked like she had spotted something under the shed (like a snake or rat) and was watching very intently.  She didn’t move for hours.   Friday morning, when we woke up, she was still there.  At some point in the day, she left, but Piglet and I went to the window yesterday afternoon to look for her, and there she was between the bushes.  I said, “Oooo, look Piglet the cat’s back!”  And she got excited and starting saying “Mow”. 

Then I noticed that there was another grey cat on top of her.  Uh-oh.  Looks like we may have kittens – and a fun nature show for Piglet.  I found it rather amusing that afterwards, the lady cat flipped out a little and started rolling around in the pinestraw as if trying to get the other cat’s smell off.  The gentleman cat walked away, looked at her, then proceded to clean himself.  Interesting.  TMI?  yes.

Anyway, since then both cats have adopted our backyard as their home.  Both are without collars and look rather thin, so I think they’re strays.  Russ would kill me if I started feeding them, but I’m finding it very difficult to fight the urge to take care of these cats that have adopted us and may have kittens soon.  Plus it provides lots of entertainment for Piglet – I’m just hoping the entertainment from here on out is G rated.

Here they are sunbathing just a few minutes ago:


Any ideas for names?

PS – notice our dead bush?  and the brown patches of dead grass?   yeah, our backyard needs some work.

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