too old and out of shape for playgrounds

Russ:  (said with a sigh of relief) It’s Wednesday, only two more days

Me:  (said with sadness)  It’s Wednesday, only two more days

While Russ is ready for the week (and school year) to be over, I never want it to end.  Mother-daughter week is so much fun.  You hear that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but the more time I spend with Piglet, the more I am amazed by her and the more I want to hang out with her.  She’s just one cool chick.

Today, I was feeling guilty that I missed my morning walk/run.  But then Piglet and I went to The Little Gym and had our workout.  Then we spent the afternoon at the playground.  When we got there, Piglet was one of only four kids – awesome.  It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.   I realized as we left, and I was feeling a little achey, that I may have gotten in a real workout afterall, I think it’s called interval training:

  • Arms – Pushing toddler on the swing:  578 reps
  • Legs – Swinging with toddler in lap for 15 minutes, pumping like old times
  • Arms/Legs – Picking toddler up: 73 reps
  • Legs – Climbing all over the playground equipment since toddler is too little to go alone
  • Abs – Going down the tunnles slide holding toddler and holding legs up so we go super fast:  12 reps
  • Aerobic – Chasing toddler around for an hour

That’s my kind of workout!


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