Beach Day

Today was the last day of mother-daughter week, so we decided to finish things off with a bang.  We took a morning trip down to the Isle of Palms.  The weather was perfect.  The beach wasn’t crowded at all.  And Piglet had a great time!  A near perfect day.*  I had no idea how much she would like the beach.   We talked to friendly dogs.  We saw lots of birds.  We raced to the water.  We splashed.  We dug a hole and sat in it.  We watched our feet disappear under the sand.  We picked up shells – even the broken ones.

She sat and played in the sand for an hour non-stop with all her sand toys. 

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 142

When I picked her up for a mother-daughter photo, she was not happy.  Notice how she is looking longingly at her shovel instead of me or the camera.  So much for a good picture.


She was fearless in the water.  Even when a little wave knocked her over, and she was completely underwater, she laughed and thought it was the best thing ever.  I think she would have gone all the way in if I would have let her.

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 143

I am looking forward to our July beach vacation even more now.  And I think we’ll have to make more day trips to the beach, even if it is quite the hassle to get a toddler ready for the beach – hopefully next time Russ will go with us, making the task much more manageable.


*Perfect except that I had to use the bathroom as soon as I parked the car, and Piglet had a meltdown when it was time to leave.  Also, I didn’t account for how sandy we would be getting back into the car.  I tried cleaning her off with a water bottle.  But OMG, a toddler get sand EVERYWHERE!  Maybe it would have been worth the cost of paying to park – I think they had place to hose off.  But being the frugal gal I am, I drove down until I found a free place to park on the street.   You live, you learn


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  1. these are great pictures, dorothy! looks like a fun time!


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