manners or manipulation

We were so proud of ourselves and Piglet when she learned to say please.  It just sounds so cute.  And manners at such a eary age – that’s really advanced, you know.  She’s really a Emily Post genius.

When she starts whining or crying because she wants something, we just tell her to calm down and then ask, “what do you say?”  and she calms down and says “more peas” or “up peas”.   And most of the time now, she even says it without prompting.  But whenever she says “peas” I can’t help myself – I give in every time.

Like this morning, she comes into the living room from the playroom saying “hep peas”  (help please).  She wanted me to unhook the buckle on her toy stroller so she could put her baby in it and buckle it back herself.  We did this 35 times, then I said, “alright just one more time, ok?”.   She nodded, and said, “k”.  Then I went back into the living room.  Five seconds later she follows me pushing the stroller, saying “hep peas, hep peas” and smiling at me – I tried to resist, but I then I gave in.  She’s already figured out how to play me. 

Just like right now, she’s in her crib not falling asleep.  Every once in a while, I’ll hear a “Mommydada” (like it’s one word) – It’s so hard not to go back there and rock her to sleep, but I know she can put herself to sleep like she has every night for the past year.

I’m weak – and Russ is worse.  The future does not look good for us.


2 Responses

  1. What if she had said “Mama dada peas”?

  2. Russ is definitely not weaker.

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