Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day:  The Bad

Piglet woke up at 5:15.  I finally got her up and tried to rock her back to sleep at 5:45.  6:00 – this was not working – gave her to Russ so I could shower and get ready for church.  6:45, done getting ready, get Piglet back from Russ so he could shower – notice she has a really dirty diaper that daddy didn’t notice for 45 minutes because he was half asleep still, so I change it.

Check facebook, see all of the wonderful comments about moms who got breakfast in bed, husbands who cleaned houses or took the kids to the zoo on Saturday so mom could have some alone time.   I could see my mother’s day wouldn’t be like that.  I had to work all morning, which wasn’t all bad, but work nonetheless.   People at church ask what I got for mother’s day…I have no answer.

After church, we met my parents for lunch.  Piglet was a pill because she was tired…I was sweating by the end of the meal trying to get food cut up fast enough and hold her still long enough.  I got heart burn which I’ve never had before ever…not enjoyable in the least.

Then we traveled to my parents’ house for a break before heading to the Aquarium.  On the way, our car would not switch gears – ug – feels like a transmission problem.   Had to trade out cars and left the dying car at the church.  Discuss the possibility of having to buy a new car without any money.

Later that night my dad let us borrow his truck, so we weren’t down a car. I was on my way to the grocery store to buy stuff to take to Bible study the next morning before planning the Bible study (in hindsight, I shouldn’t have signed up to do both the same day).  I try to turn left out of our neighborhood in the rain.  The wheels spin out and I can’t get traction.  The truck begins to fishtail in the middle of the road with traffic coming from both directions.  I finally get it stopped…after having a mild heart attack. 

I make it to the store after being tempted to just go home.  I do my grocery shopping, but as I approach the checkout line, I hear the heavens open up on the roof.   You know that sound – complete downpour.   I look out of the window and can hardly see the cars in the parking lot because it’s raining so hard.  So after I check out, I wait under the covered entrance for a few minutes waiting for the rain to slow down.  It does slow down a bit, so I head to the truck and get very wet trying to heave-ho myself and five grocery bags into my dad’s gi-normous truck.

I get inside, turn the car on, reach down to turn on the lights when the nob falls off.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  So I have to find the nob, because I can’t turn on the lights without it.  Not so safe to drive without lights when it’s raining and dark.

I get home and to the front door and realize that I have locked myself out of the house because my dad’s keychain doesn’t have our house key (I even said to Russ on the way out of the house – “Don’t lock the door, I don’t have a key”  but then out of habit, I locked it on the way out without even thinking).  Russ doesn’t come to the door when I first knock, or second knock, because he is putting Piglet down for hte night.  So I have to call his phone.  Meanwhile, it’s still raining, I’m holding five bags of groceries, and we don’t have a porch.

I make it inside after my 30 minute trip, which felt like two hours.  I tell Russ about what had happend.  He says, “At some point, you just have to laugh”  Notsomuch.

THEN, as I was sitting on the couch trying to plan my Bible study, I got indigestion, which I have also never hard before ever…also not enjoyable.  By the way, still not laughing.


Mother’s Day: The Good

I went to church and had everyone wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day and giving me hugs.  The first lady on the way out after worship, gave me a hug, and said “Dorothy, I love you”  

Piglet looked really cute, and got lots of compliments on her free handmedown outfit.

After visiting with many good friends after church on a beautiful morning on our beautiful courtyard and watching them dote upon Piglet with lots of love and laughter (lots of grandmothers, aunts, sisters who help me take care of her on Mother’s Day), we get in the car.  I get my card that Piglet picked out – it had a dog on it.  Russ even picked up my Sunday paper for me so I could cut out the coupons – it’s the little things, right?

We get to have lunch with my parents.  Grammy liked her Mother’s Day present.  We had car trouble on the way to their house after lunch, but we were following them, so we were able to transfer a sleeping Piglet from our car to theirs so she could sleep in peace while Russ did the car swap.

We played at Grammy’s house for a bit.  Grammy gave Piglet a caboose to go with her Thomas – it even plays music.  And she gave us both a sun sheild for our next beach outing and a book about animal mommies that we both really like.

We went to the Aquarium – mothers got in free on Mother’s Day and Piglet is still free – so 5 for the price of 2 – that’s my kind of deal.  Piglet had lots of fun watching all of the fish, turtles, snakes, owls, and skunks.  But she most liked slashing in the water at the touch tank (starfish, crabs, etc).  And we all had fun watching her explore and play.  I think Pops liked it best when she would hold on extra tight when the big fish swam toward her in the tank.

Then we head back to Pops and Grammy’s house to pick up our “good” car.  And Pops is even gracious enough to let us borrow his truck for the week so we don’t have to worry about being down a car on a busy week.   We ride back home and play a bit before bedtime.

After I get home from the grocery store, Russ helps me get my food ready for Bible study and even cleans up for me afterward.

Then I sit down to plan my Bible study with a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk.  The book is Back to the Well:  Women’s Encounters with Jesus….an execellent read if you ever get the chance.


I really felt like I had two separate Mother’s Days.  I’ll choose to remember the good.  Plus I just got to spend a whole week with my favorite little lady.  She’s good company; I think I’ll keep her.  I’ll say that was a pretty good Mother’s Week. 


2 Responses

  1. i think we are leading parallel lives. did you see how my mother’s day went? if not, take a visit to my fb page. glad you had some good moments in between the chaos!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I’m sorry you had all that trouble with the truck and the rain and the broken car.

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