a car for mother’s day

So you heard about our car problems in yesterday’s blog.   We are now faced with the dilema of paying bookoos of money to repair an old car or pay bookoodless of money for a “new” car.    We’ll make the final decision once we get the estimate to see what bookoos actually means.  But for now, we are exploring what kind of car we might get.  The bad economy is working in our favor, since people aren’t really buying cars and they are many good deals to be had.

But what kind of car?   We always talked about how the first car that we bought would be a minivan…we are practical through and through.   But I guess I really didn’t think we would be seriously talking about it this soon.  I don’t if I’m ready to be a minivan mom.  I told the youth a few Sundays ago that we would probably buy a minivan when our car died, and they immediately broke into choruses of “noooo, don’t do that” – aparently we would lose whatever cool points we have.  And since that is my utmost concern, I am rethinking the minivan purchase.

What do you think?  While we were out last night, Russ saw a car and asked, “What do you think about that one – I looked it up and think it would be good.”  I said, “why?”  He said, “I liked the way it looked and we could get it with 0% interest”  So obviously, he is going to be no real help here.

I would really like another SUV (we currently have a broken Blazer), because I like to be able to haul a lot of stuff, and I like the way they ride.  They are my favorite.  But they are also the most financially impractical.  And then there are just so many model/size options – I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

I could get a car, but then all my stuff won’t fit.   But that is the best option financially and environmentally.

Then there is the minivan, which can be less expensive, get better gas mileage, and have lots of room.  BUT, am I ready to take that step into adulthood?

Any thoughts?  This is an important decision because we will probably be driving this car for the next 10+ years, so we have to like it for the long run.


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  1. i LOVE my minivan! and, HELLO! i’m the COOLEST mom there is! seriously, when this one does die, i will get another one. here’s all the good things about minivans

    – the have TONS of room. multiple times we have taken out the seats and hauled lumber, lots of it.
    – good gas mileage
    – they ride real smooth
    -they are still low to the ground (unlike suv’s) so sera could climb in herself when my hands were full, at like 2 years!
    -they have really great safety ratings

    i will keep getting minivans until my kids leave for college. we travel a lot and it has been so nice with the minivan. on long trips i will just climb and crawl all through the van handing out snacks, games, switching dvd’s….so convenient!

    good luck in your decision!

  2. I love my Mammycar;-)

  3. the car i got my sr. year at PC died this past summer and so i got a new car…i got an altima because consumer reports rated them high and the nissan dealership was offering a good deal…there is plenty of room for katie and her paraphenalia (sp?)…a stroller and groceries can go in the trunk…it is comfortable…generally, there are lots of good things about it…however, having said all that, i wish that we had gone ahead and gotten the minivan because a) it will be easier when a second child comes along; b) sometimes it is difficult to get all the necessary luggage, pack ‘n’ play, etc…in the car when going on longer trips, or even getting everything to the airport.; and c) it is a little uncomfortable for a 3rd adult to ride in the car since the carseat is in the middle…those are my two cents…actually, probably more like a dime…good luck!


    ps tell leigh ann the jury is still out on who the coolest mom is…

  4. one more thing: we totally didn’t have the money for it, but we needed it…sooooo, i encourage you to just bite the bullet and try and enjoy whatever you do wind up with

  5. I would like to recommend a CUV – the amazing crossover! I thought they totally looked like alien spaceships when they first came out but they have become quite trendy 🙂

    I love my Murano but there are also many other fabulous options (like the Ford Edge – I don’t know the details on it but it looks very nice!)

    May I also recommend starting at CarMax? I hate change and buying big things (says the person who stood in the middle of two houses while we were house hunting and cried). They were so hopeful, easy to work with and had a TON of options. Even if you don’t purchase a used car there, start looking there because you can drive any make/model in one afternoon and get a better idea of what you want. I didn’t cry once!

  6. I needed a new car while I was pregnant last fall. Ashley had all kinds of advice, but I got mad and one day headed out to carmax myself (me and my snacks so I wouldn’t feel too nauseous to drive). I spent all afternoon choosing what kind of care I wanted. I wanted an small SUV or crossover and settled on a murano. I LOVE IT. we searched on the internet and bought it used from some shady guy, but got a great deal.

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