fattened piglet

Piglet has a  doctor’s appointment next week.  When we went for her 18M check-up, her doctor was concerned that she hadn’t gained much weight.  FINALLY.  I have been bringing this up to the doctor’s sine her 9M check-up, and they kept brushing it off saying she was fine.  I guess we finally got the right doctor.

Anyhoo- he told us to give her pediasure to get her some extra calories.  All I know is that it better work because that junk is expensive.  So far, all I can tell is that her cheeks are looking fuller.  I think it also helps that we’ve been able to regulate her schedule now that she’s out of daycare.  Fewer snacks, healthier meals.  Hopefully we’ll get her weight back up to par. 

But I think the thing that is helping the most is creative parenting.   We’ve mastered the airplane delivery as well as trickery and bribery – “eat one bite of chicken and we’ll give you another grape”.   We let her dip almost anything in ketchup if that will make her eat it.  Then tonight, the geniousness of parenthood reached a new level.  She ate half of her lasagna and stopped.  So we tried giving her an apple.  She ate a few bites, then stopped.  Knowing she was not full, we got creative.

There was a big straw on the table from Sonic tea.  I thought “she likes playing with straws” so I speared a piece of apple and handed to her on the straw.  She thought it was the coolest thing ever, especially when we had an apple piece on each end of the straw.  She went onto eat about half an apple.  Who knew.



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  1. ha ha! i use those same techniques with josh. but, the straw, that’s just genius!

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