hometown tourists

We lived in Atlanta for three years and when we left, we realized that we never really took advantage of living in that city.  So we were determined to make the most of living in another destination location.   When I was 8 months pregnant at the end of August 2007, Russ planned a lovely day in downtown Charleston.  We were supposed to go on a carriage ride and harbor tour, because you get a discount if you do both – and we love our discounts.  Well it was so hot that day that they wouldn’t even let the horses go out for the carriage tours.  We decided to go for the harbor tour, but the AC didn’t work so well – reminder: I was 8 months pregnant.  It was a nice ride, but I remember spending the whole tour trying to find the breaziest stop on the boat so I didn’t sweat to death.

So today, we tried again.   We thought Piglet would enjoy the carriage tour because she loves to look at the horses – neigh neighs as she calls them.  She was really mesmorized by them – the closer we got to one, the bigger her eyes got.   She was amazingly well behaved on our hour and a half tour.  Here we are with our guide, George:

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 144

We took a break for lunch, then headed out on the boat.  This trip was less successful because she was definitely stir crazy.  And we shared the boat with 60 5th graders whose chaperones all sat together and chatted while the masses ran-a-muck.  Taylor was quite confused by them:

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 148

But we still saw some sights and let our hair blow in the breeze:

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 154

And even got a chance to chat:


But by the end of the tour, we had surely had enough:

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 162

It was a wonderful day – now we’re trying to decide how to play tourist next weekend.  We want to do as much as we can before the real heat sets in.   Anyone have ideas for toddler friendly activities?


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