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I get the food pyramid.  I understand the importance of eating a balanced diet, and we try.  But really, how do you do this with a toddler?!  I am extra concerned with this right now since she is low on the growth charts and at the 18M check-up, the doctor asked us to come back in a month to check on her weight gain because she hadn’t gained any in a while.  The good news is that she did gain 1/2 pound in a month.  But I’m not sure how to make sure we are keeping that going.  She used to eat everything, and lots of it…hence the nickname Piglet.

But currently, she is a VERY picky eater.  Her four food groups consist of blueberries, grapes, milk, and George fruit snacks.  Those are the only things she will eat all the time.  Everything else varies.  Earlier this week, she tore up a grilled cheese sandwhich.  But tonight, she ate two bites and was done.   I really wish that we could be stern “you eat what I fix or you go to bed hungry!”  But with her weight gain, that just isn’t a good idea.  So she finished off her meal with blueberries and grapes.

Can you OD on blueberries?  Because Piglet ate a whole package in two days, and she would have eaten even more if we had let her.  As soon as she gets in her high chair, she starts asking for buberries.  I guess she’s meeting her antioxidant quota.  Buberries are the only food that never ends up on the floor.  You see, the extra fun thing about her pickiness is that when she decides she doesn’t want something that we have given her to eat, she either throws it on the floor piece by piece (which is easier to stop), or she takes both arms and in one super fast sweeping motion, wipes all of her food on the floor.   This is particularly humilating fun in a restaraunt.  I remember eating lunch with our oldest nephew when he was only 2/3ish.  He took his hotdog and tossed it over his head, nearly hitting another dining patron.  I remember thinking that was funny and having to turn my head so he couldn’t see me laughing.  Notsomuch when it’s your kid.  Sorry Margie!

I keep thinking that this is just a phase and that she will start to eat normally again.  But then I remember my sister lived on pancakes, pizza, biscuits, chicken fingers, and cheese until she went to college.  oy vey.


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  1. A question: is you sister seriously damaged in any way? ‘Cause if not, I would take the mentioned rememberance as proof that absurd diets do not create social misfits or otherwise less-than-we-were-hoping for kiddos. (I tell you this mere hours after wiping several pieces of avocado off the kitchen floor.)


  2. I tried to think of a comeback for you. One that proved I ate more than the above mentioned food groups. I got nothin’ (unless you count cool whip). I ate one bite of everything by force and would gag down my dinner if (and only if) I wanted dessert!

    I turned out just fine 🙂 She’ll grow out of it. Maybe in 20 years but she’ll grow out of it! I sure did pass on my finest quality to your child, didn’t I?

  3. Kathryn and I are racking our brains trying to come up with something else she would eat….all variations of cheese and bread…cheese pizza, grilled cheese, quesadilla, mac and cheese, bagel and cream cheese….and then there was celery with peanut butter, chicken stew ( with lots of bread), Japanese (white rice, chicken and zucchini)), beef stew with all the parts separated on her plate….and of course there were brownies and ice cream:-)
    She still will not eat peas, meat loaf, seafood, or mushrooms.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about the blueberries at all. We were asking James’ doc about his current eating jag–broccoli–and she said as long as it was a healthy food, don’t fight him on it. And DUDE can this kid put away some broccoli!!

    One thing that has worked for us is pretending that we don’t want him to have something that is on our plates and then “reluctantly” giving in. “No buddy, you can’t have any steak…steak is for daddies.” “NO! I eat it!!” “Okay…just this once.” =)

  5. Just an idea but i have a friend who puts vegetable purees (?) or baby food in pancakes and muffins and things. She got the idea from Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I tried it and you totally can’t taste zucchini, carrots or sweet potatoes in pancakes. Haven’t tried it in much else but maybe that would work? I wouldn’t worry either though. I never ate vegetables and other than being extremely short I turned out just fine. 🙂

    Come to think of it…Kathryn is short, too! 🙂 Oh well. We’re mostly fine!

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