MedSchoolMonday: 10 Surprises

I feel the need to write something related to medical school since that is included in the title of these Monday musings.  Perhaps more importantly, it would come back to bite me if I wrote too much about the church right now.  Actually I would just say what most folks under a certain unnamed age would say and it would make a lot of old clergy dudes mad.  The laity certainly is not the problem with the church and I don’t think it’s Jesus—I’ve decided that it’s a few clergy of a particular age and ethnicity that are clinging too tightly to a sinking ship.     

At any rate, before I get to high up on my young, inexperienced, don’t-know-a-thing soapbox, here are the 10 biggest surprises for me in the first year of medical school:

1)      Being paired with 2 graduates of Bob Jones University in my anatomy dissection group during an election year.

2)      I wasn’t the oldest one there—actually my age is pretty well represented.  We’re not hard to pick out.

3)      Seminary was not…..well….medical school in terms of academic challenge, nor should it have been.

4)      I have a very different reading of scripture now, i.e. the church being the body of Christ and human beings having been created in the image of God. 

5)      We’re still just scratching the surface on what we know in medicine.

6)      It’s going to be harder to choose a specialty than what I originally thought.

7)      I think my brain has reached capacity, but there’s still 3 more years to go.

8)      How refreshing it is to be in a cutting edge, always changing environment.

9)      The admissions folks lied when they said it wouldn’t be too much of a disadvantage having not majored in some kind of science.

10)   This has been the fastest, slowest year of my life.


3 Responses

  1. Wow. I want to know more about numbers 1 and 4 on this list. And whether they affected each other.

    I think the decision you mentioned in number 6 won’t feel so wide open two years from now.

    And about number 8: surely you don’t mean to imply that your seminary wasn’t a “cutting edge, always changing environment”? C’mon man… it’s “reformed and always being reformed.” What do you think that means?! (Ha!)

  2. Nice pick up on the relationship b/t 1 and 4. Both of those guys want to go to Africa and be medical missionaries to help alleviate suffering through their medical knowledge while working with people there.

    True on #6.

    No comment about your comment on #8. It was nice to have seminary email for my final year though.

    • I don’t know. The next-to-last thing I needed was another email account. And the last thing I needed? An email account that was incapable of forwarding messages to one of my more useful addresses. (Still annoyed by that…)

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