cup overflows

Piglet is the bestest hugger.  Nothing else in this world can calm my heart and mind so quickly.  She really grabs on and gives a good squeeze.  She leans in and nuzzles her head into my shoulder.  She hugs like she means it.

She also gives the sweetest kisses.  A few weeks ago, this is how we started waking daddy up each morning.   She quietly crawls over to his face and plants one on him.  If his face is burried in the pillow, she grabs it with both hands and pulls it towards her so she can kiss him where she wants to.  If he is awake, he pretends to stay asleep until she comes.   Selfishly, this is great because this is the only way I can wake him up in which he is not a total grumpy-non-morning-person.

This morning, she showed off what a big girl she is.  I said, “Let’s go give daddy a kiss” – so she runs into the bedroom and sees that his face is toward the edge of the bed.  She puts her little hands on the edge of the bed, stands on her tip toes as high as she can, and gives him a sweet kiss to wake him up.  Then I lifted her on the bed so she can give him a hug.  She squeezes tight and says, “Ah lo ju” (I love you).  There is truly no better way to start the day.

or to end a Sunday afternoon nap

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 164

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 165

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 167

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 166


4 Responses

  1. so sweet!

  2. Does Mama ever get to get awakened like this? If not, I think it’s about time Dada got up with her early and let Mama get a wake up kiss;-)

  3. We’ve tried that, but Mama has bad early morning person genes from somewhere and wakes up anyway soon after Piglet gets up so it’s a lost cause and means that I just fall back asleep on the couch soon thereafter. But this doesn’t last long because I get kissed. Can’t complain one bit.

  4. No more preciousness until July–makes me anxious.

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