…and it feels so good.   My only complaint is that Grammy returned her with red, watery, puffy eyes and a runny nose.  But I’ll still take her.

Taylor Jan-Feb 09 266

Aparently when I’m not hanging out with my kid, I have nothing to blog about.  But she’s back, and so am I – two posts in two days folks!  Who knew you could miss someone so much?!  I dropped her off at Grammy’s house on Monday afternoon and picked her up yesterday morning.  We did go over for a visit on Wednesday, but I just felt empty all week.  Our house certainly felt empty…and quiet. 

Granted, it was nice to sleep later than 6:00 am.  And it was nice to wake up at my own pace rather than the zero-to-sixt- in-5-seconds-flat pace.  But once I was up, I missed having a little person laughing and playing around me.  I missed her hugs and kisses.  I missed her sweet voice saying Mommy.

But as hard as Piglet-free time was, picking her up on Friday was the BEST.  I hung out at Grammy’s house for a while before bringing her home so Russ could put the final final touches on the room.  Piglet would play for a few minutes, then come give me a big hug, play a few minutes, hug…repeat, repeat.  So sweet.  Then when I was packing her things and heading to the car, she freaked out and grabbed my hand – she was NOT letting me leave without her this time.  Feeling’s mutual, kid.  Later that evening, we were playing at home – and she stops mid-play, looks at me, and gives me the biggest, tightest hug ever, like she wasn’t ever going to let go…and my eyes were full of tears, hoping she wouldn’t ever let go. 

I’m so glad to have her home…did I already say that?


2 Responses

  1. Is that little cutie EATING a pancake?! Or just playing with it? Very sweet post. It makes me look forward to having a little one of my own 🙂

  2. Wow, her eyes didn’t look that bad at my house did they? She honestly woke up Friday with a cold out of nowhere!…except that Pops did have a cold all week:-(

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