Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but last week was the Montreat Youth Conference.  We did not have internet, and there was certainly no time for blogging.  And this week is Vacation Bible School.  There still is no time for blogging, but I did want to sneak in a minute to post some pictures.

When we were moving back into our office after the flooding incident, I found a picture from my very first Montreat experience, and I started trying to figure out when it was…I had to count back five times because I was in disbelief – IT WAS 12 YEARS AGO!!  It really seems like yesterday.  Those were good times.  Coming back as a back home leader is fun, but so very different than coming as a youth.  So here is is folks:

Grace Youth Group at Montreat 1997

97 Montreat

DPC Youth Group at Montreat 2009

09 Montreat 013


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  1. It was a great week. Of course, when you are standing at the mountain in 1997, I was at the bottom–as an advisor.

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