excuses, I got ’em

Back in the Spring, I decided that I would start the Christian Educator Certification process.   I had already completed all of my class and work requirements, so all that is left is the six part exam.  It’s a pretty intense exam, but I have six months to complete it.   I thought – piece of cake, I’ll do the bulk of it this summer since things will slow down a bit

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…man, was I having a lapse in sanity…

What was I thinking?!   Of course, back when I had those original delusional thoughts, I did not know that we would have to take Piglet out of daycare.  I did not realize how much work there was left to do on our house – work we hope to completely finish before Russ starts school again in August.  I did not realize how many more responsibilities I would still have at church during the interim time.   And I was blissfully ignorant about how much time and energy preaching, teaching summer Sunday school, Montreat, and VBS would require.   All wonderful, but exhausting and draining.

And we did have an extended trip for family time and vacation with friends – but it was not so relaxing as vacations once were.  Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful for so many reasons…just not as restful as I had hoped.  We would stay up late (late for me anyway) to talk and play games (sleep seems almost a waste when you have such limited time with good friends and good margaritas); we have a little person who likes to wake up painfully early (she hasn’t learned that you SLEEP LATE on vacation); and going to the beach is an endurance test – no more laying out, reading a book, or relaxing in a chair – but more chasing a fearless toddler into the water and down the beach as she chased after EVERY SINGLE dog she saw as well as digging and playing in the sand.

SO…that’s why I’ve blogged a total of four (4) times in the past month – and most of those were just posting pictures.   There has been so much to write about, but so little emotional and physical energy with which to do said writing.  But I feel my soul quieting down a bit, feeling less stressed and more motivated again.  So I hope to write about our many exciting adventures over the past month and our current Staycation – it will be like a show or book that has flashbacks, you’ll get a little present day action, then a flashback or two into the past.  Won’t that be thrilling?!

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  1. I can’t wait!

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