Staycation Fun

For the first time since early May, I actually had my full weekend off (Friday-Saturday), and I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off next week as comp time for the middle school conference that begins on Wednesday and runs through Sunday (read five days of 24/7 time with four 6th grade boys and a 5th grade girl), so we actually had a nice four free days semi in a row.  We have been talking about wanting to take a trip -just the three of us – some time this summer.   But then we had to buy a new roof and just all around need to tighten our budget, so we are doing a staycation – trying to try out all of the local fun.  Our first stop was Magnolia Plantation…a little pricey but lots of fun.  We have to go back in the spring sometime when the gardens are in full bloom.

We definitely enjoyed the petting zoo.  Piglet was hilarious.  As we approached the gate, she heard the rooster and began cockle-doodle-dooing back at him.   She had a great time talking to all of the animals in their native tongue as well as petting the non-intimidating ones.  She was terrified of the giant pot belly pigs – she said they were “heavy” – and she wasn’t wrong in her assessment.  She loved the bunnies the best. 

taylor - summer 09 242

We also had fun touring the massive garden.  It was beautifully lowcountry with swamps, spanish moss, large oaks, and cypress tree knees.   When Piglet got tired of sitting in the stroller, the only way we could get her to move faster than backwards was to race.  Here she is racing daddy down the path.

taylor - summer 09 266

On the way out, we stopped in the gift shop and bought Good Night Charleston.  By the end of our summer I hope to visit all of the places in the book so Piglet can reminisce as she reads, we’re already over halfway there!  It’s fun being a tourist in your own town!


2 Responses

  1. It looks like piglet needs a pet bunny! That picture makes me so happy 🙂

  2. we have good night atlanta in our book collection and it is one of connor’s favorites even though we don’t technically live there right now!!! i love the staycation idea.

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