Beach Bum

I think if we moved away from the beach, Piglet would seek emancipation.  She loves the beach so very much.  She loves the sand, the water, the waves, the wind, and the sun, so we have to spend a lot of time there whenever we get the chance.  Even though we put 50 SPF on her whenever we go out, she is still tanner than I am.

On our way to the beach for vacation, Russ told her where we were going.  Then she started impatiently chanting “beach, balup, nemo, bugik, shobel”  (Translations:  balup = bathing suit; nemo = swimmy diapers that have nemo on them; bugik = bucket; shobel = shovel).   These are a few of her favorite things.    She gets as excited as the girl in the yellow balup whenever we approach the beach.


I bought her Good Night Beach (above) before we left, and it is now her favorite book.  It is the only book she has ever asked for us to read multiple times in a row.   She points out all of her favorite things ever-so-lovingly in the pictures as we read.  The night we got back from the beach, she cried as Russ read the book because she realized that we weren’t at the beach anymore.

But lucky for her – we live only 30 minutes away and the beach is free entertainment, so we go a lot and she can enjoy all the beach pleasures she loves so much like:

Relaxing (fyi – this stillness lasted a total of one minute)

taylor - summer 09 182

Running in wide open spaces

taylor - summer 09 089

Dipping her head in the ocean

taylor - summer 09 274

Using the walls to the hole as a slide

taylor - summer 09 282

Filling buckets with water for “tower” making

taylor - summer 09 191

Running in and from the waves

taylor - summer 09 186

And getting sand ALL OVER her body…that is such big fun

taylor - summer 09 284

I realized as I was trying to find good pictures of Piglet to post that it is very hard to get shots of a toddler who is always on the move.  We had such great pictures from our beach trips last year as she just sat and played in the sand.   But this year, most of my pictures were blurry from all the excited motion.  Plus, I should probably spend more time making sure she isn’t drowning in the ocean and less time taking pictures.  I guess I’ll have to wait until she old enough to strike a pose before we get any great pictures again…

2 Responses

  1. josh was sitting in my lap while i read this and he started pointing and yelling her name! he got so excited he got down and started looking around our house for her! i kept having to explain to him that she was at her house with her mommy and daddy. when he finally understood he asked for more pictures of her! so, we had to go to your fb page and look at more pictures. i think he misses her!

  2. It’s a little scary how fearless she is.

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