meltdown monday

I am not a fan of almost two who thinks she’s two and therefore must be in the terrible twos and pitch fits about everything.   I said to my mom the other day, “Since she’s starting early, she’ll get over it early right.”  She smiled slyly, and said “no”.  Today was supposed to be another fun family day of our staycation.  It started out nice enough – hanging out on our new deck in the kiddie pool.

Then while Russ was brushing his teeth, Piglet decided that she too wanted clean teeth.  When Russ dare suggest that he brush her teeth instead of her “brushing” them herself – COMPLETE MELTDOWN.  She would walk around the house, back and forth to me and Russ (who were ignoring the tantrum) showing her most pitiful woe-is-me teary face…she was finally distracted at some point (which seemed like 30 minutes later). 

Then she decided that she needed yogurt at a non-meal time and THREW HERSELF at the feet of her high chair, yelling “chair” over and over again.   This lasted another 30 minutes until she was again distracted – this time by her new puzzles.

We had a nice lunch and nap so we thought we would good for a fun outing to play putt putt and go to the park.  Piglet and I have been forced to watch too much British Open lately, but she does enjoy watching a little and playing with her own plastic golf set, so we decided to take a chance on mini golf with our mini golfer.   It was fun for a while – Piglet was hilarious as she squealed at each ball hit and ran to pick it up.  So at least we have some nice photos to remember the day by – maybe we’ll just remember the fun.

watch and learn

taylor - summer 09 286

correct hand placement

taylor - summer 09 287

watch the ball

taylor - summer 09 288

if the ball doesn’t go in, just put it in yourself

taylor - summer 09 291

Unfortunately this fun only lasted seven holes before Piglet decided she would rather run away from us toward the water hazards and throw her ball.  So we decided that was enough golf for one day and began to head to the car.  Piglet WAS NOT pleased and proceded to have her third complete meltdown of the day – I love it when she does this in public, it’s really exciting.

Then we headed for the park and playground.  And again things were fun until she decided to head repeatedly toward the water (the Cooper River this time)….so we again headed back to the car and yet another fit was pitched.  So again, we carried her back to the car kicking and screaming, again in public.

And these were just the major fits – there were also several minor fits throughout the day because we dare suggest she hold our hand in the parking lot or come inside when it’s raining – we are such strict, unreasonable parents.  Poor almost two year-old trying to be independent – it’s a rough life.

(and I’m sure as my mom reads this, she is thinking “mwahaha…she’s just like her mother”)

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  1. Am I right that these fits have just started? The first meltdown I witnessed was when we were walking on the pier and she kept running off….I put her in the stroller (which was difficult during the “fit”) and she screamed all the way to the end of the pier….I’m laughing and everyone is looking at her and smiling;-)

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