Water Baby

So I’ve blogged several times about how much Piglet loves the beach.  But basically she just loves water.  She usually gets in her kiddie pool in the backyard everyday (everyday that we don’t go to the beach anyway).  She is just as happy as she can be in the water, even bathtime is the greatest.

So today we decided to head to Whirin’ Waters, one of three waterparks in the area, because it was two for tuesday (Piglet was free anyway and our tickets were BOGO – hooray).  It was so cool.  And I had no doubt that Piglet would love it.    And she did indeed – she’s definitely at home in the water – I think we need to get her some swim lessons ASAP.  She loved sticking her head under all of the fountains and jets.  She loved floating in the rafts in the wave pool and lazy river.  She loved going down the water slides.  But she laughed the loudest and longest when daddy went down the slide and stopped mid-slide three times.  And mommy surely laughed with her – watching Russ scooch down the rest of the slide was quite amuzing.

This was taken right before the first mid-slide stop

taylor - summer 09 294

Mommy and Piglet made it all the way without stopping.

taylor - summer 09 296

Lounging – I’m not sure what her face is doing, but it makes me laugh

taylor - summer 09 304

Pushing her float in the Wave Pool

taylor - summer 09 312



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