facts of the matter

I am sitting in the library of Presbyterian College skipping small group as I always do at the Montreat Middle School Conference.   In my less than 24 hours of conference experience, I have some observations:

  • Middle Schoolers are crazy
  • Middle Schoolers on caffeine and sugar are almost unbearable
  • Middle School boys talk about poop, farts, and puke a lot
  • The dynamics of this conference and the sr. high Montreat Youth Conference are SO very different – I had forgotten that.   It’s amazing how developmentally different they are with just a few years between them – that’s a lot of growing and maturing to do in such a short time, no wonder adolescence is so akward.
  • Middle Schoolers make me laugh a lot.
  • Middle Schoolers are honest about others and themselves – I appreciate that, but sometimes wish they wouldn’t be so honest so loudly when others are present.
  • Youth Conferences give me hope when I’ve run out.
  • Middle Schoolers make me prone to violence.
  • Seeing old friends is the best
  • After waving hello to some friends, my youth said, “wow, Dorothy, you’re popular”  – ha, I guess in the small world of Presbyterian Youth Workers, I am.
  • My theory that I am allergic to Clinton, SC has been proven yet again – I woke up barely able to breathe
  • PC spends way too much money on stuff that doesn’t matter

mmsc09 007

(like statues of fairies with telescopes by the new science building – really not kidding), and not enough money on the dorms – Georgia is grosser than it was 6 years ago, and THAT IS GROSS.

  • When I think about how long ago I graduated and how much has changed at PC, I feel really old.
  • I miss my college roommates a lot.  They were the best.

4 Responses

  1. I can’t even remember the last time I was at PC – I think it was Homecoming the year I was pregnant with Noah. Geez louise, that’s five years ago.
    Also, agreed about the money…

  2. We miss you too. I really want to come see you guys soon!

    So where is this hideous sounding fairy statue?

  3. For the record, PC didn’t spend any money on the statues: Erwin Belk donated them, and – since he funds half the school – we couldn’t quite turn them down. Students launched a whole campaign to get them taken down (and, thankfully, got several of them moved), but the school couldn’t risk angering one of it’s top fundraisers. Apparently Erwin Belk does this a lot: he has several small schools across the southeast that he funds, and many of them are laden with the same horrendous statues. It’s part of the deal, I suppose.

    As for Georgia dorm, it’s supposedly going to be redone again in a year or so.

    Trust me, they’re trying to put the money in the right places, but there simply isn’t that much to go around (the recession was not good to the education industry)!

    Have fun at the middle school conference!

    -Jack Jenkins (I graduated from PC in 2007, and am now at Divinity School in Boston)

  4. I just graduated from PC in 2003, and I, too, thought the same thing about the statues. But, in all fairness to PC, Mr. Belk (a very rich and generous man) wanted his donations to be in the form of those statues…Maybe not his best decision! Ha! Just wanted to put that out there 🙂

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