Shout out to the people

Let me begin with a shout out to my church, especially the session.   As some of you know, I am once again flying solo as pastor – it’s a good thing, but I may have to be admitted to a looney bin once it’s all over…it’s been a crazy three years.   But through it all, the church members have been amazing and in the past few weeks have been very affirming and supportive, so I am most grateful for them.  And they are handling it all with grace and positive forward thinking, so I am inspired by them.


Next a shout out to the state employees.   I was on my way downtown to visit a member in the hospital when my gas gage went from 3/4 full to empty.  I had just passed the last exit before getting downtown, so there was no where to get gas.   I was on the bridge where the interstate divides when my car completely shut off and my steering wheel locked up.  FYI – on a bridge there is no shoulder to pull off on.  So I coast my way to the V where the road splits, and I sit there in shock for a minute before calling Russ to save me. 

Then a Highway Patrolman passes me, then puts on his lights, and backs up to me to ask me what I am doing in the V…I told him and he called SCDOT.   While he was still there, another officer pulled up behind me (it looked like I was in some serious trouble surrounded by two cops with their lights on).   They chatted briefly, then the second officer told me he would wait with me until DOT arrived.  Both officers were so nice, and I certainly felt much safer with him there.  Then the DOT guy got there and put gas in my tank FOR FREE.  He was also very kind and talked to me about how GM cars have lots of problems with gas gages and usually the next thing to go is something in the gas tank (of course I can’t remember what he said exactly).  I am so thankful for the kindness and time of all three of those men.


After that fun, I made it to the hospital and was just so impressed by the kindess and smiles of all of the staff I saw, including those who helped me get my clergy ID badge – it took me two years, but I’m finally official, according to the hospital system anyway – at least I get free parking now, all those $3 trips were adding up.  I guess I’m just feeling all warm and fuzzy, so I have to give a shout out to the hospital people, especially those who helped me when I got lost – It’s been a good day.


2 Responses

  1. I am so glad the nice state employees were there to help you and that you were able to find the positive in what could have been a big downer!

  2. I would like to add the mother at McDonald’s who actually came over and told her older kids to get off the little kid area so the little ones could play and then kept her little boy off Taylor…so many times parents are not watching their kids there.

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