21.5 months

My Piglet is growing SO fast, and I feel like life has been so crazy lately that I’m missing it.   Before I blink, and she is all grown up, I wanted to chronicle some of the fun things she does so I don’t forget.

She is talking like crazy and repeating everything we say (which is quite dangerous).  While most of her words are understandable to a stranger, some are just funny, so I thought I’d list them out.  We keep talking about how we need to video tape her saying them, but the two times I tried she was uncooperative.

  • Mammy = Grammy (my mom), when we tried to emphasize the GRR…ammy, she said GRRmammy.
  • Elmo = Kathryn (my sister), I have no idea why.   We say Elmo, and she thinks furry red puppet, but when we say Kathryn, she repeats Elmo. 
  • Balup = Bathing suit
  • Nemo = swimmy diaper
  • Baloo = blue (it is clearly two syllables, with the emphasis on the oooo)
  • Mink = pink
  • lthp = spoon and bib….I can’t really spell how it sounds when she says these words, she sticks her tongue out when she says them and it sounds muffled.  It’s weird.  And don’t ask my why these two words sound the same.

She is also mimicking.  Several times, she has sighed and said “Oh, gosh” or “Oh, my”…so funny.  She also yells “Russ” the way I do when she really wants daddy’s attention.

I’m not sure where she picked it up, but if I do something silly, she says, “Oh, mommy”

If she does something she thinks she’s not supposed to do, she puts herself in timeout.

When asking her what all the animals say, if you throw in a “what does Piglet say?”  she responds “I love you”

She’s trying to be a master staller at bedtime, but so far we mostly outsmart her.   She begins by playing around and being all cute and funny while we are trying to get her ready for bed.  Then she keeps asking Russ to read more and more books.  Then when she comes out of her room to get me, she runs to the living room saying “couch, watch tb”.  Then once we get back to her room she tries to get me to read her even more books before we rock and sing.   (I usually give in a read one more).  But man – she’s persistant.  But once she’s in bed, she’s fine…she just tries to manipulate us first.

She is all about hugs and kisses (when it suits her…she’s like a cat in that regard).  She will hug and kiss her stuffed animals, and she has to do both.  If you hug her, she says “kiss”.  If you kiss her, she says “hug”.  She’s so stinkin’ sweet.  Tonight before dinner, we were all standing in the kitchen.  I was holding her, but then she insisted that Russ come over and hug us too, then we all had to give kisses.   It was a nice family moment.

So that is Piglet in a nutshell now.   I’m sure she will be changing a lot in the coming weeks.  She starts back at day care on Monday (I’m a bit of a basket case because of this).  We are going to put her in a toddler bed soon.  AND we are going to start potty training….oh, my.



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  1. Might I suggest not doing all transitions at once? Start potty training after other 2 are done…after she turns 2.

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