Big Girl

We took yet another step into big-girldom today.  It’s amazing how many milestones my girl has achieved over the last 21.5 months – solid foods, sitting up, walking, talking, feeding herself, using a spoon, etc. etc.  etc.  But for some reason, today’s milestone just feels bigger, much more big girlish.

We bought one of those 3-in-1 cribs that can transition to a toddler bed, then a headboard for a double bed.   Today, I took off one side of the crib and installed the guard rail (by myself – I’m so handy).   Piglet was so excited – she climbed right on top of the bed by herself and said “my bed”.   When it was actually time for her nap, I changed her diaper and she immediately got down and climbed in her bed again.  She laid her head on her pillow, I read her some books, and out she went. 

Same thing tonight.  I guess my little girl is growing up – no more rocking at bedtime for us.   She’s soundly sleeping in her big girl bed.  One step closer to growing up and going off to college and leaving her mother behind.

I’m just a little sad.


5 Responses

  1. Now what do I do at my house? I don’t have a convertible crib:-( ….besides I need to have the crib for the new grandchild on the way…. guess I need to figure out where to put another bed…hmmm

  2. i cried both times i had to break down the crib. it was was worse the second time knowing it was probably the last 😦 next thing you know she will be starting kindergarten…

    btw, grammy’s comment about the new grandchild….is there something you would like to share? 😉

  3. patrick – I got a little teary myself – and don’t go starting rumors – my sister’s knocked up, not me.

  4. oops. the “patrick” comment was actually made by me. HE REALLY NEEDS TO STOP USING MY COMPUTER AND NOT LOGGING OUT!!! ARRRGGGHH!

    i should have left everyone thinking it was him that cried.

    i knew it was your sister, i was just teasing you! 🙂

  5. awww…the end of rocking your first baby is so hard. it makes me sad just thinking about the next one going just as fast. your piglet is too cute though.

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