MedSchoolMonday(on Friday): Heaven…I’m in Heaven

It’s less than a month until school starts back up, but I’m actually getting excited about cranking back up.  And a lot has been accomplished this summer–deck, finished sun room, painted house trim, etc.  A least the boss is happy.  Speaking of the deck, I now know what heaven will be like.  A couple of weeks ago, after the deck was completed, we splurged and bought a big bag of boiled peanuts and a gallon of tea from McAlisters.  We did up some of Dorothy and Russ’ make-you-wanna-smack-yo-mamma burgers and threw them on the grill.  Then all three us sat on the deck and ate peanuts and drank sweet tea.   We enjoyed the smell of cooking burgers and threw our peanuts shells into the backyard.   The little tater tot LOVES boiled peanuts and sweet tea; her daddy is so proud.  She couldn’t get enough.   We took pictures to document:

 taylor - summer 09 227 

Daughter and proud daddy.

taylor - summer 09 229


taylor - summer 09 231

Where a foretaste of glory divine took place.

Hallelujah for boiled peanuts, sweet tea, and good company to throw shells in the grass. 

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