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taylor - summer 09 364

Russ and I are in for an interesting ride.  We’ve known that Piglet is a people person and loves being the center of attention and thinks everything is about her.  We’ve known that she favors men to women.  We’ve known that she likes to dance – she’s got some pretty good moves, too.  But last night, we saw a new side of her.

My cousin got married on the beach last night.  The reception was held in a beach house – so fun.  We were worried that bringing her to the wedding was not such a good idea since it didn’t start until 7:30, and her bedtime is 7:00.  But once the music started, she was golden.  She danced and danced and danced by herself, with family, with strangers…it didn’t matter as long as she was dancing.   She bobbed her head, she twirled, she did a funky walk.  She partied hard late into the night.

taylor - summer 09 377

But what has us (mainly Russ) most worried is how she fancies Citadel men.  My cousin graduated from there in 2004, so many of the guests were also fellow Citadelites.   She kept walking up to them and touching their legs to get their attention and smiling at them.  Then there was her favorite.  I was holding her and we were standing near him.  She reached over and tapped him on the back.  He turned and she smiled, he smiled back.  She pointed to him and smiled again.  He said “hey”.  She touched his gotee and gave him a sly grin.  T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

I’m not sure we can let her go to college, especially not College of Charleston.


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  1. My experience tells me that y’all might want to move to Nebraska. Good luck with that!

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