Piglet LOVES blueberries.  If we thought she could survive only eating those, she would totally do it.  But they are expensive buggers, even when they are in season.  Then last week, a church member brought us a bag of the delicious ba-loo fruit and told us about a place in town where you can pick your own blueberries fro $10 a gallon – shooey, that’s a good deal.  And these blueberries were SO much better than the ones shipped from Argentina.

So we thought it would be a fun family activity, and we were right.  The only problem is that we went out at 2:30, and it was HOT, so we couldn’t stay long.  But Piglet acted like she had been picking blueberries her whole life.  (I, however, do not have a gift for picking blueberry picking – it took me forever and my arms were all scratched).   But Piglet took her bugit and went out into the field ready for her task.  She even went straight for the blue ones, leaving the red ones behind.  She was pretty excited.  We were even brave stupid enough to let her hold the bucket the whole time.  That is until she did what I’m sure you could predict she would do – turned the half-full basket of blueberries upsidedown.  But it was still lots of fun, and when we got to the counter to pay for our half gallon of berries, she only charged us $2 – awesome!!

taylor - summer 09 319


taylor - summer 09 317


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