Piglet Funny

Piglet is pretty funny, and we tell her that often.  So she says “Piglet funny” a lot.  Recently she has been even funnier than usual.  She is really developing her imagination.  Yesterday, she picked up my phone and began having a complete imaginary conversation with Papa.  It went something like this:

Hey Papa
Uh – huh
Papa, Mimi, Piglet, *laugh*

Then she started wandering around the house as she talked like I do, so I couldn’t hear most of her conversation.  But then she walked back into the living room:

I love you Papa.  Bye bye.

Awesome.  I really wish I could have heard the other end of the conversation.


She also likes to share every meal with her friends, and they have to have the same utensils and food that she has.  Here she is with George and Mickey:

taylor - summer 09 392

Then today, we were trying out the next step in our transition to big girldom with the booster seat.   I thought we could load the bulky high chair into the attic, but apparently not since that is where George has to sit.   This afternoon, she shared her snack with George, she even fed him grapes and blueberries with a spoon.

taylor - summer 09 393

And I had to put in this last picture because right before I took it, Piglet hit the two spoons together, put one of them down on George’s tray with authority and said, “Timeout, no hitting”

taylor - summer 09 394

Piglet funny.


2 Responses

  1. She is quite a character, that Piglet. Does she ever call Grammy on her “phone”? I guess she doesn’t feel the need to call me since she’ll see me soon:-)

  2. That is the truth … she is funny! I love that she is being a little momma to George 🙂

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