what good is medical school anyway

Scene:  Mother is giving daughter a bath, father steps into doorway.

Russ:  What are we going to do if the swine flu spreads?
Me:  What do you mean?
Russ:  What are we going to do if the swine flu spreads?
Me:  I don’t know, you’re the one in medical school.   What should we do?
Russ:  I don’t know, but we talked about how it could get really bad and it’s mainly affecting children and young adults.
Me:  Great.  Do you really think we need to worry about that?
Russ: No, but the school is making plans for how we can continue our classes if for some reason we can’t be on campus.
Me:  Maybe that’s what I have – I have the swine flu.  I had a really hard time breathing last night.  I couldn’t breathe out of my nose, and every so often my throat felt like it was going to close up and I started choking.
Russ:  You don’t have the swine flu.  And I noticed you were having trouble breathing.  You were making relly weird gasping noises in your sleep.   I almost woke you up, but I decided to wait and see how things panned out.

3 Responses

  1. When can we expect the Season Premiere of Med School Monday?

    It has been too long!

  2. bwhahaha! i love that he “waited to see how things panned out”.

    we actually came up with a plan for the swine flu ourselves.

    #1- as soon as either of the kids start showing symptoms take them to the doc. i know “they” have said just call and try and stay out of the office, but i don’t think that means for kids. especially under 5, i’m not taking any chances.

    #2- we are going to quarantine any person who has it to one room, and wear gloves and a mask when treating them. ok, maybe not for josh. if he gets it i may just keep him in my room with me and have patrick take care of sera.

    #3- if at any time any person starts having trouble breathing we go straight to the er. i know most people who die from the flu actually die from pneumonia caused by the flu.

    #4- if we all get it at the same time…we are screwed.

    #5- which should actually be #1, we are all getting vaccinated.

    you can imagine with my germaphobia what all this hype about the swine flu has done for my anxiety. so, to ease some of my anxiety i HAD to come up with a plan. patrick was a good enough sport to sit patiently and nod the whole time i was in freak out mode!

    hears praying that we all stay healthy!!

  3. both this and boobies was laugh out loud (or, LOL) funny


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