I had high hopes that we would start potty training before now because Piglet had done both deeds in the potty once.  Apparently that was dumb luck, and with all of the craziness we have encountered in life lately, it was probably best to wait.

In the meantime, Piglet is VERY aware of when she needs a diaper change (like two minutes too late to get her to the potty).   Last Saturday, I put her down for her nap and she played and played and played – it took her an hour to settle down and go to sleep.  I did hear her cry out a few times, but I didn’t get her because I figured she was just trying to play me and get out of taking a nap.  But then she woke up 30 minutes after falling asleep.  When I went to get her, she was in her bed holding her George and a clean diaper.  Apparently while trying to go to sleep, she pooped and got a diaper out, but being the fantastic mother I am, I just ignored her, hoping she would fall asleep soon.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I was leading a Child Protection Policy Training at the church.  Russ was preaching elsewhere, so I brought Piglet with me.  I was fully equipped with toys and snacks, so I thought she would be ok.  I didn’t plan on one of our volunteers also bringing her daughter who wanted to play with Piglet’s toys – sending her into fits.  We did get passed that, and she ended up playing in my purse/diaper bag.  I was in the middle of talking about serious issues like childhood sexual abuse when Piglet grabbed a diaper and the box of wipes out of the bag, walked to the other side of the room, set the diaper and wipes on the floor, and then laid down next to them as if to say, “mom, I’m ready for my diaper change now.”   This working mom thing is an interesting animal.  It’s hard to be professional when that happens.

Then this morning when I went to get her, she yet again had a clean diaper in bed with her.  And sure enough, hers was dirty.

So, we are definitely approaching the  potty train station…and I’m sure the ride will be ever humorous…stay tuned.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Roommate!

    Allen takes his diaper off too. Zero fun. I’ve had 2 suggestions to help but haven’t tried either yet. Put the diaper on backwards. Duct tape. 🙂 I did try diaper and then pants and then onesie that snaps over the pants. That did work. 🙂

    Good luck! can’t wait to see you at the reunion.

  2. Piglet does that, too…not very often, so I’m not worried yet. But she has been known to strip off all of her clothes and run around the house yelling “JAYBIRD”. Fortunately I can usually hear the velcro tabs peeling off and get to her before the diaper gets completely off…but she has been successful a few times.

    It is odd to leave the room where a fully dressed toddler is playing nicely, and then be in the kitchen 2 minutes later with a completely naked toddler running around. They are fast.

    I enjoyed the visions of Allen looking super cool with his onesie on the outside of his pants and you with a roll of duct tape next to the wipes on the changing table. My dad does say that duct tape will fix anything.

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