Like an elephant

When I ask Piglet what she did at school, she generally only remembers (or at least only tells me about) the most recent thing she did.   The most common response to the question “What did you do at school today?” is “cookie” since I usually pick her up right after snack.  But sometimes she spices it up by saying “water” or “playground” or “color”.

But this is a fluke because she has the most remarkable memory, especially when we would rather she not.  For instance, last night, she was insisting on wearing her gamecock socks to bed.  Russ wouldn’t let her, but told her she could wear them in the morning.  So we were in the playroom playing this morning, when she stands up mid-play, yells “Cocky socks” and runs into her bedroom to find them.  So then she HAD to put them on.  Keep in mind that her cocky socks match nothing, so I later had to bribe her to put on another pair of socks for school.  I told her that we would wear the socks on Saturday when we watch the Gamecocks play football.  To which she replied “Ok, Grammy coming”.   HOW THE HECK DOES SHE EVEN KNOW THAT?  I think we may have talked about Grammy coming over briefly while she was in the room ON SUNDAY, but that’s just crazy.  Or maybe, she just always thinks Grammy is coming.

She also has associations that she insists upon.  If she had animal crackers for the first time while sitting on on the window seat in the kitchen, then the next time you try to give her animal crackers, she WILL NOT eat them at the table…it must be done on the window seat.  If you give her boiled peanuts for the first time on the deck, then every time you mention the word peanut, she runs to the back door yelling “outside…peanuts…outside”.  If Pops sits in the blue tailgate chair in the backyard (four months ago), then that chair will always be “Pops chair”.

Also, whenever we are all in the car together, Russ drives.  This afternoon when we picked her up from daycare (after yet another incident free day – THAT’S TWO FULL WEEKS PEOPLE), I was in the driver’s seat.  She flipped out, saying “daddy drive” repeatedly.  So I reluctantly (or with great satisfaction) moved over to let Russ drive home, then all was right in her world (and mine).

And my favorite example of her awesome memory was our conversation in the car on the way home upon seeing a picture of a dog.  (FYI – since Papa & Mimi AND Uncle Josh & Aunt Kathryn both have black dogs named Abby, she thinks all dogs are named Abby).

Piglet:  Abby.
Me:  Where is Abby?
Piglet:  Her house
Me:  Who else in at her house?
Piglet:  Kathryn, Josh
Me:  Who else?
Piglet:  Baby RMS
Me:  Oh yeah, where is baby RMS?
Piglet:  Kathryn’s belly

Granted, we were just at their house on Monday, but still that’s just cute.


3 Responses

  1. I think her cocky socks would have matched that adorable usc dress grammy got her with the “rooster” on it 🙂
    “isn’t she smart?”

  2. ADORABLE! It makes my heart melt. I love that kid 🙂

  3. i cannot get over how much she reminds me of sera at that age! sounds just like my baby girl! and that’s a good thing…my girl rocks!

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