thank goodness for hand sanitizer

Russ and Pops are off to the UGAvUSC game today, so it’s just Piglet and me hanging out this morning waiting for fun Grammy to come.   When Russ is not here in the mornings, I have a surefire gameplan for showering after many trial and errors.

So this morning, I followed the game plan.

  1. Change poopie diaper
  2. Fill toddler tummy with breakfast
  3. Give her some juice
  4. Turn on Handy Manny
  5. Shower

Things were going well, things were quiet.  Then I hear a sweet voice saying, “Mommy, mommy, poop”

She walks into the bathroom holding a clean diaper in her hand (this is not uncommon when she has a dirty diaper – I joked with my mom the other day about how one day I would go in to get her out of bed in the morning and she would have her diaper off with poop everywhere since she poops first thing every morning and greets me at her bedroom door with a clean diaper and her pj bottoms off).

Anyway, when she walked into the bathroom with that clean diaper in her hand, her shorts were missing.  Her t-shirt was long so I couldn’t tell if she still had her diaper on or not.  So I turn off the shower, get out, lift up her shirt and see a bare poopie bottom.  Great.  So we go and clean her up and put on a new diaper.  While I was cleaning her, I hear “Mommy poop foot”  – sure enough there was poop on her foot.  GROSS – we went through a lot of wipes and hand sanitizer, or foot sanitizer in this case.

Once she is thoroughly cleaned and re-diapered, I begin the quest to find the poopie diaper.  I looked everywhere.  When I couldn’t find it, I asked Piglet where it was.  She said, “poop in trash” and lead me to the diaper genie.  Sure enough there it was in the top of the diaper genie.   It was even rolled up like we do it.  She’s such a good helper…with dirty hands.  So more hand sanitizer was used.


3 Responses

  1. Bless her heart! You have made me laugh out loud again 🙂 That is a story for the future husband … in 30 years.

  2. LOL! dang that girl is smart! and ready for the potty!

  3. The Sequel

    Grammy and I put Piglet down for a nap after lunch. She had already pooped twice today, so I was sure we did not have to worry about another poop mess (can you see where this is going).

    After Piglet played in her room for an hour without going to sleep, we sent in reinforcements, AKA Grammy. Then I hear, “Oh no, Piglet, no”

    I run back to her room. Piglet is holding yet another dirty diaper in her hand. She had tried to put it in the diaper genie again but something went wrong, terribly wrong. There were not one, not two, but three brown spots on the carpet. (glad we have “the spot bot”).

    So I once again began to clean Piglet up while Grammy worked on the floor. And once again I hear, “poop foot” – I get the poop off her foot, and then I hear, “poop hand” OMG!! I think I need to go to the store to buy more hand sanitizer.

    Kathryn – aren’t you really excited about being a mommy now!

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